Please Check: •Bent Metal •Returning Products

Applies to all Plumb-It extendable levels:
All warranty guarantees are voided by abuse

1) Mechanism, ie. handle locks, feet and rails shall remain free of defects for a period of 1 year.

2) Vials have a limited lifetime warranty as follows: Plumb-It Inc. will repair or replace any vial found to be:

a) Out of plumb (vertical) or level (Horizontal) whereas the end pads of said tool do not agree, more than +/- .025” in 10 feet (+/- 1/40th of an inch).

b) Leaking fluid whereas the bubble has grown large or the liquid has disappeared altogether.

c) Loose within its plastic holder /interface (vial cover) that joins it to its metal I-Beam or Box Beam frame.

d) Not covered is Vial Fluid color change from Green to Clear (fluorescent dies when exposed to constant sunlight are not color fast as of this date)

Within 1 Year of Purchase, (enclose copy of original invoice)

3) Call us at 800.759.9925 to determine if a call tag should be issued to pick up the defective tool. A vial problem requires that only the center I-beam (the one containing the vials) be returned for repair.

a) Return goods to Factory We will repair / replace goods and return them pre-paid to Customer.

b) Mechanical Defects: return tool pre-paid to Factory. We will repair and return with all promptness to Customer pre-paid.

After 1 Year of Purchase, (no invoice copy required anytime)
4) Repair Goods

a) Mechanical Problems: Return tool pre-paid to Factory including Customer’s return address and contact phone number. We will replace damaged parts and return pre-paid to Customer. Customer will be contacted for a Credit Card Number to pay for parts plus $10.00 shipping fee.

b) Vial problems only – (not bent rail extensions or problems with black end-feet) (as in section 2 above): Return tool pre-paid to Factory including Customer’s return address and contact phone number. Vials will be replaced (at no charge except Net UPS / FEDEX shipping charges) / reset to factory specifications (2.a. above) and shipped to Customer.

5) Customer’s should contact Factory directly at 800-759-9925 regarding warranty issues and to discuss product specifications or problems.

About Bent Metal
We receive many levels for vial replacement that shouldn’t be sent unless the customer is aware there will be charges for bent metal.
We cannot set vials correctly if the Level I-Beam portion (center rail that holds the vials) is bent to a crowned or twisted position. We must replace that metal at cost to the customer. The rails (extensions) also should be straight to render correct readings at the job site.

We charge $10. for return shipping whether the level is repaired or not.
Please help yourself and us by inspecting your level’s metal rails in order to be aware that there will probably be charges to replace the metal if it is bent.
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About Shipping Returned Products:
Try not to use a shipping service like what are located in mini-malls and strip centers across the country. Nothing against them personally but we’ve heard horror stories of guys paying more that their level costs to get it back to us for repair. They not only mark up the actual shipping costs paid to UPS but charge outrageously for boxing your level.
Direct outlets of UPS, FEDEX, or even the US Post Office are much more reasonable.
Plumb-It, Inc.
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So you don’t have the original box ?
You will when it comes back to you from being repaired

In the meantime:
find a furniture or mattress store near you (they always have lots of big pieces of cardboard in the back room or dumpster out back). Get a piece that is roughly 2 feet longer than your level, 2 shorter pieces will work if your level is really long) and at least 2 feet wide. Try to avoid really heavy stock (it won’t bend easily enough). Stock like or a little heavier than a soda pop flat is good enough.

Lay your level on the cardboard centered end to end but against one of the long axis edges. Tape that long axis edge to the level.
Then roll the level (like you would a hot dog in it’s wrapper) into the cardboard and tape it so it doesn’t unroll.
Fold the overhanging ends (approx. 12” on each end) back towards each other and tape them.
Be sure to include your return address and phone number as we’ll be calling you with questions about your level.
If you forgot to include them just wait about a week and call us to describe your level.

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