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To To the people at Plumb-it;
I am a hands on contractor In Wisconsin. I have about 38 years experiance {yes I still wear bags.}I build custom homes and custom cabinets.
Many years ago I bought my first 4' "plumb-it" level, the gold series. Another contractor that I work with kept grabing it so I gave it to him, and purchased the 4' and 5' levels {blue series]. It happened again with a new contractor that works with us, so I ended up purchasing another 4' and 5' { red series}. Now I've got the 3', 4'&5'. Get the point?
To me they are a must have "daily" tool! I feel sorry for anyone in this buisness that does not have at least one of these fantastic levels. Yes I have a lazer, but the "Plumb- it" level is so much faster, easier, accurate and durable. No batteries needed! I had one slide off a one story roof in
the closed position on to a deck, did not hurt the level at all {true story}. Fellow tradesmen you really need to get one. My thanks to Paul Semler the inventor. {Tools of the Trade,1994}
Bruce "Jolly" Fryer , Jolly
Builders Inc. Luck WI.

“I use the Plumb-it level constantly in light commercial wood framing and I have found that its speed and accuracy and durability is unbeatable. A conscientious builder shouldn't go through life without a Plumb-it level. The Plumb-it level allows me to perform my work with ‘no doubt’ and no wasted moves.”
Dennis S. Cahalin
Las Vegas, Nevada

“The only level I would use on walls over 6’ tall. It is an excellent product; a real time saver.
Dave Couture
Framing Superintendent, Del Webb
Tucson, Arizona

“I have had great results from my level and have only the best to say about it”... “Now a Building inspector... I use it to check the work of others.”
Chris Thyrring
Halcyon, California

“Our firm has purchased at least 8 (Plumb-it) levels over the last 2 years — wouldn't be caught dead without them.”
Gean Saucerman
Foreman, Tucson Carpentry
Tucson, Arizona

“My help use it everyday and everybody likes it. Its just great when you have different plate heights. If it holds up we'll be buying another one in the future. PS. Great level!”
William C. Law
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

“Thank you for a very good useful tool.”
Edward Feuerstack
Bergenfield, New Jersey

“I think your invention is terrific! It's saved me many hours of ‘straight-edge searching’ and given me the satisfaction of knowing the job is right every time. I use it on timber, landscaping walls, fence posts... long waste lines (plumbing) and it's great for Deck construction!” “It's a pleasure to use and always saves time, I've recommended it to others.”
I use it “setting windows — sliding doors — exterior door frames, etc. — excellent for plumbing gable end trusses.”
Austing Marks
West Willington, Connecticut

“I would not recommend it to others because if all framers had one -the Builders I sub work from won't be so impressed with me and my Professionalism.”
Bordelon Construction Co.
New Orleans, Louisiana

“Since my business covers such a wide range of things, from building houses to fixing toilets, I don't always have a need for my Plumb-it. When I do need it, I LOVE IT! And would certainly replace it and recommend it.”
Robert C. Howard
Cliff Island, Maine

“I recommend it (the Plumb-it extendable level) all the time, I could not do without it. In fact I am not sure how I did as well in the trades before I had it.
My Plumb-it stick is the greatest tool I have ever had the privilege to own and use. My entire crew loves it in every way.... I hardly ever do tract homes, so eight foot walls or partitions are some-thing we never see. Henceforth, being able to extend where ever it is needed our stick does it all.”
Tom D. Marier, General Contractor
Memphis, Tennessee

“The level is great. On Long Island they use a 2’ level to plumb and line a house. (But they also use 16 oz. hammers for framing, no worm drive saws, cloth aprons and even a few fold up rulers still.) Thanks for inventing something so functional, modern and useful. Thank you.
Jim Lochead, President (with callouses)
Armstrong Bothers Builders, Inc.
Oakdale, New York

“The Plumb-it level has far exceeded my expectations, its light weight, extendable, and very accurate.”
Kevin Craig
Black Walnut Building & Design
Tilghman Island, Maryland

I was looking for a foot for my plumb-it level and found your web site. I noticed the testimonials, including the one by my late friend Dave Couture (who died on his Harley in 89). Anyway I thought I would drop a comment, as well as try to find out how to get a replacement foot.
Amazingly enough, I bought my plumb-it the same day that Dave bought his, we were both supers for Lauderbach Builders at the Dell Webb Sun City Vistoso job at the time.
I have had my plumb-it level since then and have enjoyed it, as well as relied on it almost daily for many years now (17 or 18, hard to remember). The level has been used to build projects in 4 states now, and has always received rave revues when I pull it out of my truck.
Even today, so many years later, when the foot broke I still had two guys ask how to buy one and begging me to find out if they were still available. My level reads as dead on as it did the day I bought it and has never given any troubles like the many others I have had over the years.
Thanks for so many years of great service from the best tool I have ever bought.
Pierce Gawne
Owner, Pierce's Custom Carpentry
Denton, Texas.

I am writing this to tell you about how my 8' plumb-it level and how I know it was, is responsible for saving my life.

It was 4 years ago that I had moved to La Grange, Texas for a new job opportunity. I was given a company vehicle to drive. I am a construction project manager and have worked in the building trade most of my life. Starting out as a framer and moving into management.

Having been a framer I have plenty of tools. I bought my first plumb-it level back in the 80's when living in California and I loved it. I bought my 8' plumb-it level shortly there after also in California and it has moved with me where ever I have gone since.

I was living in Indiana before taking this new job in Texas. I had made the move here in April of 07 and was not able to bring everything I owned at the time. My wife was still in Indiana with our son. Our daughter was also moving to Gainesville, Texas around the same time I had ,left for this job. She was needing help with her move there so my wife was helping her and would be in Gainesville in June of 07. Our daughter had rented a moving truck and so my wife was going to be able to bring me the rest of my stuff and my tools and I went to meet them so I could pick them up.

I was on my way back to La Grange with all my tools driving the company truck which was a 06 Chevy ext. cab. I did not like having my 8' plumb-it level riding in the back of the truck because for one it bounced around to much. So I have always been able to put it inside the cab of the truck running from the floor board on the passenger side then up between the seats and into the upper corner behind the drivers seat. Yes you can try this if you do not believe me but it fits in there very well that way.

On this trip back I was traveling south on Highway 77 and was just north of the town of Rockdale doing 70 mph with the cruise control on. It was then that my left rear tire decided to come apart. I mean it separated the tread from the tire. It was not a retread tire so something like this was totally unexpected. In doing this it waded up and though the left rear of the truck up in the air causing the right tire still under power to make the truck take an immediate left turn into on coming traffic.

There was another vehicle coming head on with me at this point and I new my life was over. I only had seconds to react to this situation and made my choice to not brake and hit the gas hoping to go right in front of the other vehicle and of the road into someones front yard. It was looking that I was going to be able to do so and avoid the head on collision but not sure how it would end with all the huge trees in front of me in that yard when at the last second the other driver paniced and turned his vehicle to the right which brought us back to a collision course.

His vehicle struck my truck on the right front corner and made total contact at the right front tire and into the fenderwell. It completely bent the tire sideways from it original position and the truck caved in at the back of the tire slamming right into the level which was siting on the floor board at the same point as the main impact. His vehicle continued to crush in the rest of the right side of my truck and made my truck do a complete 190 degree spin. My truck finally landed and ended up in the front yard of someones home and just missed a 6' thick tree by inches coming to rest facing the opposite direction I was going before the impact.

As I stated earlier as all of this started to happen it only to seconds for all of these events to take place at least that is what the first officer on the scene told me. He also told me that I had to be one of the luckiest people he had ever met and there was know way that I should be first off walking around at this point let alone even alive from the look of my truck. Now understand this came from a man who has seen plenty of wrecks and as he put it to me some that where not even half as bad as the one that I just went through and people did not walk away from it with their lives or at least something broken.

Yes I had my seat belt on and yes the air bag deployed but the real reason I was okay he said was because of that thing that was in the cab of my truck. He asked me what it was, so I told him and he said, its a what !!! Well we talked about it some more and he explained to me that the cab of my truck had been knocked off the frame at the back end by the bed of the truck behind the drivers seat 8 inches. He said that both himself and the fireman on site said from the impact the whole cab of the truck should have been crushed but, because of that thing as he called it, had kept the cab intact and that the other vehicles impact hit square into the level and drove it into the upper corner working much like a roll bar would in a race car and kept the cab from collapsing into me.

Once I had been released from the hospital for bruising of my rib cage, yes that is all that happened to me beside some minor abrasion from all the glass flying around the inside of the truck, I forgot to mention that part. There was not one piece of window glass left in the truck they had all shattered and glass was every where. I went to see this truck and was trying to understand how it was that I walked away with my life.

Upon seeing the truck I was taken back for just as the officer told me it was a unbelievable site. But there with in the cab was my plumb-it level and it was wedged in so tight that I could not get it out or even move it. The guy at the tow yard was also asking me what that thing was because he had never seen anything like it. So I told him about the level and how it came to be there and all he could say was well you owe that thing for saving your life.

I have been wanting to replace my 8' level for sometime but have not had a need to until just recently. I have started my own company and I have a framing crew who have heard all about this level but yet to see one or use one so that is why I am purchasing a new one.

Thank You for making such a great tool and LOL a great life save device.

Dana Weidemann
Weidemann Enterprises LLC
DBA Total Residential Services

Christopher Kel "remodel carpenter" <> (Denver, CO United States)

This was a level designed by a carpenter for carpenters and it shows. I do remodeling work for a living, and on each new job I seem to find a new use for this level. It's a must have for plumbing walls during framing, but I've also used it horizontally to level cabinets, vertically align cabinet bottoms and tops, shim uneven floors, layout trim (though a laser is sometimes better for this application), as a straight edge, level decks, hang doors, do concrete slab layout, and make stud measurements where the top plate slopes at odd angles.

Because the level is extendable, it can fit in the tall axis of any door jamb for hanging doors. I wouldn't even bother with a door jamb level kit since this level does the job well and is more versatile. If you do remodeling work and have to frame in an existing gable or other place with a sloping top plate, just layout the stud spacing on the bottom plate, then extend the level to the top plate while keeping it plumb. Then measure the length of the level when it's in position to get the length of the stud to cut. The extendable feature also makes it easy to set up depth stakes for concrete layout in basement rooms.

Since this level reduces to about a third of it's extended length, I can easily fit the PIX 5.0 (which extends to almost 14 feet but reduces to 5 feet) in the back of my truck. Compare that to Stabilia's 12 foot plate level that reduces to 7 feet and wouldn't fit in my truck. Don't get me wrong, I do like Stabilia's products, *but Plumb-It makes a better plate level.*

I've been using this level for over 3 years and I acquired it used from a pawn shop. So far, it has maintained a level of accuracy equal to my Stabilia levels and has withstood a lot of job site abuse. Soon I'll have to replace the level's feet, but the company makes this easy and affordable (about $12).

"mastrke" <> (Notasulga, Al USA)
This is a must have for the serious framer.
I have worn out my first one after 6yrs of abuse from the kind of hired hands we all have to deal with. I won't be caught without one now.

"jimsandy" <> (Moneta, VA United States)
This is a wonderful tool. One of my partners suggested we get one and I kept putting it off, now I wonder why I waited so long. We can now plumb 12 foot garage walls using top and bottom plates for extreme accuracy. It also makes basement walls easier to frame. My gables are always plumb and roof over framing is a breeze with a 13 foot straight edge. I think we are the only crew in town using this tool and that definitely gives us an edge over the competition.